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Bioslimming Professional is a revolutionary new body wrap unlike any other. It is an easy, painless, natural way to burn fat, reduce inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Using a combination of natural active ingredients it stimulates Lipolysis which is the process of fat burning within the fat cell. The professional wrap produces incredible results from the first treatment. On average 1-4cm is lost per measured area with many clients reporting losses from anywhere between 8cm up to a staggering 51cm following one treatment. The Bioslimming program can be tailored to your needs and your Bioslimming Professional will give you be able to advise what is the best course of treatments and products to meet your individual needs.

The BIOSLIMMING range is developed and produced by Provence Cosmetics France and is distributed within the UK and Ireland by Westfield House Distributors Ltd.

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Award Winning Wrap


Bioslimming won 1st place for best Body Wrap in DERMASCOPE Magazine and Aesthetics International Association in the ‘Aesthetician’s Choice Awards’ for 2015!

Bioslimming Wrap

The wrap that does more

Achieve - Do you dream of lying relaxing for an hour knowing that when you get up you will be visibly slimmer, feeling lighter and more toned and that any stubborn fatty areas are visibly reduced? If your answer is Yes, then Bioslimming Professional is the treatment for you.

Before & After

The Results speak for themselves

Troublesome Cellulite? Bioslimming is an effective answer when it comes to tackling the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin.

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a bioslimming treatment

Salon of the Year

2014 winners - Vita Skin Spa

Congratulations to our Salon of the Year & Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Bioslimming- (Photo Above) Nikki & Jules Spicer owners of Vita Skin Spa Shrewsbury and there wonderful team.

Homecare Program

Three tubs you cant be without

Enhance - The Trio is the must have beauty essential for anyone looking to get the most out of their Bioslimming wraps. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to redefine your silhouette. Can be used on its own but recommended for use with a course of Bioslimming wraps.

Clinical Tests

The Product you've been looking for

The primary objectives of the study were to evaluate the slimming and anti-cellulite effects of the BIOSLIMMING treatment after a single application.

93% of the subjects found that their skin was smoother; 86% found that their skin was softer, firmer and felt more comfortable in their body, cellulite was visibly attenuated in 81% of subjects. 100% felt that it corresponded to expectations and enjoyed the treatment.

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Control Shape

Take back control

Maintain - Has a slimming and firming action which limits the storage of fat by acting on Lipolysis stimulation. Perfect for helping you keep your desired silhouette. Recommended for use after a Bioslimming course or can also be used after weight lose to help maintain your results.

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